The wonder of the seven lakes



Day 1

Arrival to Bariloche

Transfer from the airport to your hotel in downtown area in regular service without guide.
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Small Circuit Excursion.
This walk allows you to know the city and its surroundings. Touring the southern margin of Lake Nahuel Huapi we head west visiting the attractions of major tourist interest: Llao Llao hotel, San Eduardo chapel, Pañuelo port, López bay and the Panoramic Point viewpoint, contemplating at all times the imposing view of the Cordillera of the Andes. We will stop at Cerro Campanario to ascend with chairlifts to the summit and enjoy the best panoramic view of the region, 360 degrees. Excursion in regular service with English guide. It includes ascent to Cerro Campanario. Duration 3:30 hours approximately.

Day 2

El Bolsón and Lago Puelo

Private excursion with english speaking guide.

Leaving Bariloche to the south, a magnificent journey towards the city of El Bolson is undertaken.
The route takes us to border lakes Gutiérrez and Mascardi, then crossing the sites La Veranada and Pampa del Toro, while we can observe mountain ranges of Ñiriguau and Áspero.

Through a serpentine and sinuous route the Cañadón de la Mosca is crossed. Minutes later we arrived at the Villegas river hamlet and miles later we crossed the Foyel river, then passed over the Quemquemtreu river and arrived at the El Bolsón region, which is located in a picturesque area.

El Bolsón is a small town located at the base of Cerro Piltriquitron. In the Regional Fair on the central square you can find beautiful crafts, it is obvious that the artisans of the Bolsón have achieved an indisputable quality of art with wood, clays, metals, stones and dried flowers among other materials, this fair is famous throughout the Patagonia and has more than 230 stalls where you can buy wool items, knives, natural sweets, ceramic items, etc.

On this tour you can also take a tour of the farms that produce fine fruits, sweets and organic foods. From El Bolsón you can also visit the Lago Puelo National Park.

Day 3

Victoria Island and Arrayanes Forest

After an hour of navigation, departing from Puerto Pañuelo on the imposing Llao Llao Peninsula, we arrive at the Quetrihue peninsula, the seat of the Bosque de Arrayanes, located in the northeast of Lake Nahuel Huapi.
The arrayan (Quetrihue in Mapuche language) is a bush of exquisite saffron and white flowers. In this place, unique in the world, it takes the span of "tree" to form a magical and unusual Forest. Then sail to Puerto Anchorena, Isla Victoria, where it is possible to enjoy an autochthonous flora, prolific in magnificent species. Let yourself go in time, walking the paths that go to Playa del Toro, to discover there the cave paintings made by original inhabitants of this area, within the framework of a splendid beach of volcanic sand, it is an unforgettable and magical experience.
Regular navigation - with English guide.

Day 4

San Martin by the seven lakes

The journey begins in the traditional mountain resort of Bariloche, with its traditional chocolate shops and architecture, the alpine city is a beautiful destination in itself when visiting Argentina. As you make your way along the winding mountain roads towards the quaint, upmarket town of Villa la Angostura, a favorite of the Argentines, you will pass by the jaw-dropping scenic Nahuel Huapi Lake. Although this is not officially in the 7 Lakes route, the Nahuel Huapi Lake is often included and is well worth stopping to see along the way. The lake is surrounded by a number of snow-capped glacial valleys and the vistas of the lake and its surroundings are truly breath-taking. You reach the beautiful small town of Villa la Angostura.
Lake Correntoso, Lake Espejo & Lake Escondido
Once you leave Villa la Angostura you will be treated to a beautiful view of Correntoso Lake with its green-blue water surrounded by the Patagonian Mountains, the lake has spectacular beauty. Following Lake Correntoso, you will reach Espejo Lake meaning Mirror Lake. As the name suggests, the clean, calm and quiet waters offer picture-perfect reflections of the lake landscape. Fed by a number of streams bringing melt water from the nearby mountains, the lake also has a volcanic sand beaches making for the perfect place to stop and relax whilst enjoying the nature around you. As your journey continues you will see the small lake of Lake Escondido meaning Hidden Lake which you should stop at to appreciate the panoramic views.
Lake Villarino & Lake Falkner
From Lake Escondido the road begins to climb up offering views overlooking the shores of Lake Villarino, you will be stunned by the beauty and open vistas of the Patagonian National Park lake with its water full of trout and therefore attracting many visitors and locals that enjoy sports fishing. Next to Lake Villarino is the popular fishing lake of Lago Falkner which is a wide open lake with forest covered fjord-like mountains that descend steeply into the calm lake water. The long narrow beach on the shoreline of the Falkner Lake makes for a great place to stop and take time to enjoy the view and fresh mountain air. These two lakes are two of the most beautiful along the Seven Lakes route

Lake Machónico, Lake Lácar & San Martín de los Andes
Similarly to the other lakes on this route, the Machónico Lake lies at the foot of the Andes however you will begin to notice that the landscape has changed and is drier and more arid than at the previous lakes. Here you can enjoy kayaking or canoeing along the peaceful water of if this beautiful part of Patagonia. Following on to Lake Lácar, the small lakeside and charming village of San Martín de los Andes sits proudly at its head. The chalet-style village lies in the Lanín National Park whose conical volcano can be seen from miles around. Whether visiting San Martín de los Andes to explore the Seven Lakes or as a center to the surrounding ski resorts a wide variety of activities are available from this mountain village taking advantage of the nearby nature and environment.
Excursion in regular service with English guide. Duration: 12 hours approximately.

Day 5

Puerto Blest and Los Cantaros Waterfall

Regular navigation with English guide.
When leaving Puerto Pañuelo, the boat sails westward through the so-called Brazo Blest of Lake Nahuel Huapi, from which you can see the hills Lopez, Capilla, Millaqueo, and Islas Gemelas (near this point you will find the maximum depth of the lake, about 464 meters). After an hour of sailing the excursion arrives at Puerto Cántaros, located in Blest Bay. This place has a stepped path that leads to three viewpoints that border the Cascada de los Cántaros. The tour shows in all its splendor the Valdivian jungle: Cohiues, cañas colihues, cypresses, taiques, lianas, and vines. At the end we reach the Laguna de los Cántaros that gives rise to a waterfall located at 852 meters above sea level. A few meters from its shore is a large larch with more than 1500 years of life.
Opposite Bahía Blest, (the opposite bank) is Puerto Blest and the hotel with the same name. There you can have lunch or have a snack at the bar.

Day 6


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